8 Free Things to Do in Rotterdam

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The city of Rotterdam always keeps it fresh, modern and vibrant when it comes to its food, culture, and architectural feats which made it quickly come to the top of everybody’s travel destination list. Really, what’s not to love? Cube houses, horseshoe-shaped market and basically being a city that never sleeps? So if you’re planning to [...]

Free Walking Tour Rotterdam Gets a Warm Welcome

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Whether you’re a Dutch local or a traveler visiting Rotterdam, getting around a city isn’t sometimes as easy as reading about it on the internet or on a travel book. It sometimes takes more than an article or two to guide you about the places you need to see and culture you need to experience. This is [...]

5 Must-See Museums in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Your trip to a foreign city won’t be complete without paying a visit to a museum that could A better way to get to know a place’s history than reading is experiencing it. Here’s a short and efficient list of all 5 museums you should check out when in Rotterdam: 1.Kijk-Kubus First on our list is [...]

First tour in Rotterdam

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On the 17th of June is the big Saturday! We will start the first Free Walking Tour of Rotterdam and you can be there! The tour starts at 13:30 in front of the Markthal, the first one is always a special on so make sure you’ll be a part of this!

Rotterdam Summer Carnival Weekend

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Are you ready for Rotterdam Summer Carnival Weekend 2017? We here at Free Walking Tour Rotterdam surely are but if you are experiencing Rotterdam’s biggest event of the year for the first time, we highly encourage you to bring your best self because this is one celebration you won’t forget! The multiple-day Summer Carnival in Rotterdam [...]