Amsterdam is recognized for its Red-light district and windmills than for its food, but there is no doubt that there is a culinary heritage here that will delight the visitors in every way. For various travelers staying at hostels in Amsterdam, encountering and experiencing the food is an essential part of their stay. Travelers who prefer hostel accommodation are usually interested in seeing the true heart of a city and all that goes with it, including the cuisine. If you are looking for cheap foods in Amsterdam, our tour guide has got lots of amazing spot for you.

But what exactly is typical Dutch food and what should I be looking out for?

Haring ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’

If you love fish, it’s one for you! The “new herring” is probably the most famous of all Dutch dishes, and to be considered true to its origins, it must be caught between May and July and prepared according to tradition. Cleaned and stored in a special way, this herring is available throughout the city and is often found as a sandwich on the street. Served with chopped and pickled raw onions, the fish is traditionally eaten whole and head first. For those who are not as eager to eat it as a local, they can also cut it and put it in sandwiches, known as ‘broodje haring’.

Kaas (Cheese)

One certain thing we know about the Dutch is their cheese, and they eat it at any time of the day. All hostels in Amsterdam that include a breakfast will always serve cheese and other treats every morning. The Dutch are the largest exporter of cheese in the world and they have been doing it for almost 2,000 years. Eat in sandwiches, in the kitchen, or cut into cubes and serve with sprinkled mustard with a glass of beer, cheese is everywhere! Gouda and Edam are the most famous, but there are hundreds of Dutch cheeses. If you are staying in any of the excellent hostels in Amsterdam, ask any staff for a visit to the Reypenaer’s Tasting Room for an authentic local cheese experience.


For those who have a softer tooth, the city does not disappoint. In addition to the profiteroles and pancakes, there are many other pastry delights, perfect for the morning coffee experience. “Stroopwafel” is the most famous, exclusively biscuit style treat is a waffle made of flaky batter, sliced and filled with a sweet and sticky syrup, which is sandwiched between the layers. Originally from Gouda, south of the capital, this delicious pastry is available in all the supermarkets in the city, but it is best enjoyed freshly made in a local bakery. What better way to start the day than to go out for a stroopwafel and have a coffee at one of the bakeries near the hostels in Amsterdam in the local style? It is safe to say that when you stay in one of the great hostels in Amsterdam, you will not go hungry. If you are ready to be a little adventurous, you will discover a kitchen without equal that will surprise and delight you with the same measures. However, if you are on a visit in Amsterdam or you are thinking of visiting. We offer free food tour in Amsterdam where you would have an amazing experience of what a proper traditional Dutch cuisine tastes like. We have listed some foods in Amsterdam, but in the course of our free food tour we hope to expose you to more.