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Daily tour at 10:30am

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“What food lovers say”

Alexandre Langlois
Alexandre Langlois
April 6, 2024.
Had the tour with Nadine, and it was really enjoyable!
Doug Burroughs
Doug Burroughs
April 6, 2024.
Great guide with an excellent sample of local snacks!
Andy Esper
Andy Esper
April 6, 2024.
Bas did a great tour! He was very informative and excited to tell us about some great things to eat in Amsterdam and history of who they fit that way.
April 6, 2024.
Bas is a great enthusiast guide
Jason Vinson
Jason Vinson
April 4, 2024.
Great trip and tour with Stan
supriya subudhi
supriya subudhi
April 1, 2024.
Highly recommend the free food tour! Bas was our tour guide and he got us to try delicious snacks in just an hour. He also had some great recommendations of local spots for us based on our taste! Very happy overall!
Stela Naks
Stela Naks
March 31, 2024.
Noa was a lovely tour guide, I live in the Netherlands but I didn’t know this history at all, thank you
Meagan Londa
Meagan Londa
March 31, 2024.
Noa was a great tour guide and answered every question. So many good things to try and gave history about them! Great tour!

The best way to explore Amsterdam and its culture is to taste it.

Experience Amsterdam’s historic neighborhoods through delicious local food. Taste the most famous and delicious Dutch Gouda cheese and try our traditional Dutch cookie ‘stroopwafel’ and more on this 2-hour walking tour. Our food tour is the perfect blend of culture, food & fun!

On this tour, you find out why Amsterdammers eat 17 kilos (!) of cheese a year and on what special occasion we serve ‘beschuit met muisjes’ (biscuits with mice). You will learn what a typical Dutch dinner is and where you can get the best chocolate in Amsterdam… This and a lot more we discover on our Free Food Tour in Amsterdam.

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Sharing the love of food with others brings us together and it is a great way to discover the culture through food. In my years of travel, I noticed that food makes a big part of all different cultures around the world.

I consider myself a food lover and I love to share my passion for food with other people who I meet in my daily life. When I am in another country I want to taste the local cuisine and experience the food that the country is known for. For this reason, I started the Free Food Tour in Amsterdam.

My favorite Dutch food has always been ‘Hutspot’. This is a typically Dutch dish made out of boiled and mashed potatoes, carrots, and onions. This dish has a long history in traditional Dutch cuisine. Another food that I love is Goudse Kaas (Gouda cheese) which we will be also tasting on the Free Food Tour during our 2-hour walk in Amsterdam!


As a Food lover, I love to eat and taste all there is to taste in Amsterdam. This is why we have the Free Food tour here in Amsterdam.  When you travel, you want to really eat and taste all the different things they don’t have in your country.

The best Dutch dinner if you ask me is kale mixed with potatoes and a big smoked sausage, in Holland we call the Boerenkool.  On the tour, I will show you where you can get the best. A typical Dutch snack you cannot miss before you leave the country is a Dutch herring. We serve it with onions and pickle the best thing about it all is that we eat it raw in one peach.

So if you want to know the typical Dutch food, join my tour and you will not only know the best places to eat but also taste it! See you soon as a guide on the Free Food tour Amsterdam

Marius guide Free food tour


Marius Guide & economics/history lover!

Born in:
Amsterdam, like my father and my mother and their parents and great parents too… My kids too by the way.
Guide since: Sep 2015. a year and a half.

Why did you become a tour guide in Amsterdam:
I like to travel and make city trips basically love to walk around and hear in-depth stories about the cities. It’s more fun to know it is told as a story than only reading it. More interactive more social and more fun.

Your favorite Dutch food:
vegetarian sausage next to my stamppot. That is a mountain of stamped potatoes with sliced veggies in between and a crater of gravy on the top of that mountain. Like a volcano.

Favorite bar in Amsterdam:
Paradiso and Melkweg (Milkyway) for live concerts of the best in the world. And every day!

You cannot leave Amsterdam before:
A trip to the Rijksmuseum. Check the Night Watch, Vermeer, and also Frans Hals too. Frans Hals is SSssoooo….. good. ?

On this 2 hour tour we cover

Gouda cheese

Discover the history behind our national pride and taste the different kinds of heavenly Gouda cheese!



Taste a freshly prepared stroopwafel and learn why so many people fell in love with this traditional cookie!


One of the most popular deep-fried snacks in the Netherlands is the delicious bitterbal, what most people enjoy while having a drink at the bar.


A very typical Dutch food in the Netherlands is our herring. This tasty fish is served with onions and pickle slices.

Food is a great way to share and learn from each other’s culture. On this Free Food Tour in Amsterdam, we will explain the crazy flavors that the Dutch couldn’t live without.

Tasters on this tour:

  • Gouda cheese | The world-famous cheese from the Netherlands. During the Free Food Tour, you will understand why Dutchies are known as kaaskoppen (cheese heads) and how Holland became so renowned for its cheese.

  • Licorice | Find out how this tongue-twisting candy became the Dutch no 1 treat and where it originated from. Love it or hate it, you haven’t been to Holland if you haven’t tried ‘drop’.

  • Herring | Straight from the North Sea, served raw and sprinkled with onions. Learn what this pungent appetizer meant for the economy of Holland and Amsterdam in the 16th century and try this typically Dutch staple!

  • Stroopwafel | Once you’ve tried this beloved Dutch cookie, you will never again want to even look at the bulgy Belgian derivative. The best one is a fresh one and on the Free Food Tour, we will show you where to get them!

  • Bitterballen | A bite-size snack, best enjoyed with a cold beer! Our lovely tour ends at the Poolbar, where you can enjoy the last taster -while playing Dutch games and drinking local beer.

Join the Free Food Tour Amsterdam and take a peek inside the Dutch cuisine’, what we traditionally eat at home, and our table etiquette. Hungry yet?


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